"Arlene"  PAPER DARTS 2017

                                                      "The Benign Ache" FREE STATE REVIEW 2016

                            "Short for Penelope" LOS ANGELES REVIEW OF BOOKS, Fall 2016

        "That Great Drop" BRIDGE EIGHT, Issue 04  2016

  "Legs" GUARDIAN BOOKS 2016

                                                                 "Legs" TIN HOUSE/ OPEN BAR  2016

"Two Men" CODA QUARTERLY, Issue 1 2015 (Sponsored by The Writers’ Institute at CUNY) 

"Fifty-Fifty Chance" FLASH: The International Short-Short Story Magazine, Issue 8.2 2015

             "Two Tons of Manure" POST ROAD MAGAZINE, Issue 29 2015

                 "The Table" THE RATTLING WALL, Issue 1 2011

                 "Ask" STRANGE CARGO, An Emerging Voice Anthology 2010

                  "If I Were to Marry a Musician" CIRCA, Winter Issue 2010



Wigleaf Long List judged by Manuel Gonzalez

Bennington Writing Seminars Fiction Fellow '17

       Interview with American Short Fiction

            The Hope Is That There Was Hope (Wait Till You See Me Dance
              By Deb Olin Unferth) Los Angeles Review of Books

   Stranger, Father, Beloved: A Less Ordinary Desperation Los Angeles Review of Books

The Virginity of Famous Men: Where Hope and Loneliness Intersect" Los Angeles Review of Books
Interview with Libby Flores by San Diego Writer's Ink

Interview with Carmiel Banasky for DRAFTHORSE

PEN Center USA Emerging Voices Fellowship '08

 Interview with Neil LaBute  SLASH MAGAZINE 2008

Semi-finalist in the American Short Fiction Short Story Contest judged by Elizabeth McCracken

 Semi-finalist in the American Short Fiction Short(er) Contest judged by Stuart Dybek

 Finalist in Glimmer Train’s Very Short Story Contest

Finalist Gigantic Sequins 4th Annual Flash Fiction Contest

Three Time Pushcart Nominee